Rule Adaptations: Dracosteam is a High Fantasy/Steam Punk Setting for 4ed. D&D. This said their are a few rule adaptations mainly focused on character creation, and the level of technology available to your character depending on your chosen class/race at creation.

Character Creation:

All is the same as presented within the Players Handbooks I-III except the following noted:

Dragonborn Character Race:

In the universe of the Dracosteam setting the only Dragonborn characters are created through an ancient ritual as described in the 3.0/3.5 book titled “Races of The Dragon” this ritual is only known to The Empire of Voralis thus is only granted to the highest ranking in their respective guilds who vow an oath to serve the empire right up until they draw their last breath. Thus any Dragonborn who are no longer in the service of Voralis’ military are usually seen as deserters or traitors to Empress.

Any character of any race can become a Dragonborn via the ritual described in “Races of the Dragon” also any player may chose to begin their quest as a Dragonborn but must decide what race they were before their transformation because that will greatly effect the ending stat adjustments to your final character.

For those who don’t have access to this tome here are the basics of the ritual as is relevant to the setting of Dracosteam:

The Rite of Rebirth requirements: The candidate must be of non-evil alignment and an Intelligence of at least 3

The Rite takes 24 hours of meditation and 24 hours of sleep, if interrupted the prospective dragonborn must start from the beginning.

A symbolic egg crafted by the prospective dragonborn worth a total of 100gp or more is needed along with a handful of scales from a metallic dragon of their chosen final form. (Thus if they wish to be a gold dragonborn they must have the scales of a gold dragon, if they wish to be bronze they must have bronze, and so on, and so forth)

For the most part the requirements are seen to by the government of the empire, but there are unique dragonborns in the empire that desire to gather the required components on their own to ensure their final form is the most beneficial to them.

Racial Traits:

These traits are in addition to any racial traits from the previous race of the dragonborn candidate. (Thus a halfling dragonborn will still be a small character compaired to other humanoid character classes, and Half-Orc Dragonborns, although rare, still retain their increased strength and orc-blood subtypes)

(+2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity) (Humanoid/Dragonblood) (Age: Dragonborns reach middle age at 200 years old regardless of the age of original candidate) (+2 dodge to AC vs. creatures of dragon type or subtype) (Immunity to Fear Effects)

Draconic Aspect: Apon completion of The Rite of Rebirth the Dragonborn must chose one of three draconic aspects to embody in their new form, these aspects are:

Heart: This aspect grants the breath weapon from the same dragon of the scales used during The Rite of Rebirth. This breath weapon grows with the Dragonborn via the same growth scale presented in the 4th ed. Players Handbook. (This path is usually chosen by Leader/Controller built Dragonborns)

Mind: This aspect grants immunity to paralyisis and sleep effect, darkvision up to 60 feet, and a +2 bonus to insight and perception checks. At 11th level the dragon borns Darkvision extends to 120 ft. and can see four times as far as a human could in low-light conditions. At 21st level the dragonborn gains blindsense out to 30 ft. (This path is best suited to Striker/Defender builds)

Body: Those dragonborns who wish to embody the form of dragons emerge from The Rite with fully functioning wings. When below 11th level the dragonborn can use these to glide, negating any damage from a fall from any height and granting a 20 ft. forward travel speed for every 5 ft. of decent. Also they gain a +10 racial bonus to jump checks. At 11th level or higher the dragonborn learns to fly at a speed of 30 ft. per round. The dragonborn cannot carry anything over a medium load for more than 10 rounds, thus the dragonborn cannot lift other characters for great distances at this level. At 21st level the dragonborn masters flight and flight combat, the act of flying is no longer tiring to the dragonborn and is no more exerting than running and walking on land. Thus as long as it can be done on land it can be done in the air, also when wielding a piercing weapon a dragonborn can make a dive attack dealing double damage apon a connecting hit. (This aspect is suitable for Leader/Striker builds for Dragonborns)

(For details beyond this you will need to obtain “Races of the Dragon” all other details are identical to that tome.)