Neo Voralis

Neo Voralis is city and empire, the capital city spreads out across the Avienfloe continent. It was built over ruins of Voralis The City of The Ancients, for which it takes its name. The ruins run deep in the continent and are prime with pockets of ancient magic and magic steam infused with the souls of deceased dragons. Mined and harvested for use in the creation of airships and other wonders of technology, Floestone and Dracosteam are two of Neo Voralis’ largest exports.

The Empire is ruled by the young Empress Laria Lune’tetha and her counselor Moordurgeth. While on the other hand the city is controlled and maintained by a group of artist, merchant, and sell-skill guilds. All Heads of the guilds hold council with each other bi-weekly to discuss city affairs, while once every six months they hold council with The Empress and her counselor to report on world affairs and on actions of the guilds outside of the boundaries of the empire. Anytime an emergency arises an impromptu council involving the empress can be called by no less than three headmasters of the various guilds. In the short history of the new empire this has happened only three times, once during The Claiming of Fallen Illmantu and twice during Alashay Resistance.

The race of the average person in Neo Voralis is left to Triviuma. This is due to the fact that the capital city is located in the direct center of the world, creating a melting pot of humanity and those occasional extra-dimensional guests.

Since, the the city is suspended thousands of miles above the surface by the flying Avienfloe islands, it is scattered with various gates which link the pieces of the city broken up on the islands and links all those islands to the only part of the city which is on ground level, Harbor Reef.

Neo Voralis

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